Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I've Learnt To Drive!

Mum can't drive yet, when you are a human you can't drive until you are 17, but being a Lego Man I can drive from the moment I am born. Mum said that I had to pass my driving test before she would let me drive on my own though, and I've been practising all week in a car that she made me.

Kyle Emmett taking his driving test

I was really nervous when it came to taking my exam, especially as it was my Mum that was the examiner!

I did all the manoeuvres that my Mum asked me to do, and I showed that I had been practising hard so my Mum decided that I had passed the test and could officially say that I've learnt to drive.

I'm so excited, that I think I might drive to a few places this week, if Mum will let me that is.


  1. I wish your mum had been my driving test examiner!!
    Liz x

  2. I love his car and he looks very happy !



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