Monday, 30 June 2014

A Messy Hot Dog

When I went to Beavers with my Uncle, they had a special BBQ at the end. I didn't really know what a BBQ was, but then we sat by the fire and the leaders helped all the Beavers to hold Hot Dogs over the flames and help them cook.

Mummy and her Mummy were able to come and sit with us and the Beaver leader said that Mummy could have a Hot Dog too if she wanted because she had extra. Mummy shared her Hot Dog with me after it was cooked and it was delicious!

Mummy laughed when I was eating it as it was so big compared to me and because I got Tomato Ketchup all over my face! I hope we have another BBQ soon.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Camping Trip with Beavers

On Thursday I got to go to Beavers with my Uncle. It was a special treat, because they were going to go camping and the Beaver Leaders said that my Uncle was allowed to bring me!

I liked sitting in the Tent whilst the Beavers all did their Beaver song. It was safe from where they were all jumping!

Everyone said that I was really good being in the Tent all on my own because the Tent was so big and they thought that I might be scared all on my own.

My uncle came and sat with me and showed me what it would be like if we shut the door. I think it would be very safe in the tent all night, but I wouldn't want to live in a tent!

I would like to go camping with my Mummy and sisters, but I don't know if we'll be able to do it until after School has finished.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Walk With Mummy's Mum

Today my Mummy said that her Mummy could look after me, as she had some important homework to do.

We went for a walk and she showed me all the different trees and plants that she could name, and she could name lots!

I really liked learning all the names of the trees as I love to climb them!

Friday, 27 June 2014

I Love Climbing Trees

I realised the other day, that even though one of my most favourite things is climbing trees, that you haven't seen me do it yet! I got Mum to take this picture of me.

Kyle Emmett climbing a tree

I hope you like it.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Noughts and Crosses at the Park

When my Uncle went to Beavers tonight, me and Mum went to the park to play. I went on all the rides again, but the best bit was when me and Mum played Noughts and Crosses on a big scale! 

Kyle Emmett plays Noughts and Crosses

Look how tiny I am!

We played two games and I won one, lost one and drew one. Mum said that I was very good at Noughts and Crosses and that one day if I practice I could play professionally.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I Met A Giant!

At night my Mum has been reading a book to me, it is called The BFG and I thought it was all made up. I didn't tell Mum though, because she said it was real and that if I was really good then one day I might meet a big friendly giant just like Sophie in the book did.

After I got home from School today, I went with Mum for a walk and I met a BFG!

The BFG told me that his name was Flash and that he didn't give children dreams instead he helped children who were scared of the dark. I ran back down the path to find Mum so she could meet Flash, but when we got back to where we had been, he had gone!

Mum said that I probably dreamed it, but I know it was real.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Out For a Picnic

The other day Mum and my Uncle went for a picnic by a lake. We had a really fun time eating lots of picnic food and playing silly games, and we even looked for fish in the lake. We didn't see any, but there were lots of fishermen about so the fish were probably hiding.

After we had eaten up all the food we had a lay down on the blanket and pillows and looked at the clouds in the sky. We saw some that looked like a train, one that looked like a carrot and one that looked like a giant head.

I like picnics.

Monday, 23 June 2014

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

I went to a Pet Shop with Mummy! Mummy had to go and do some chores, like buying cat food and cat litter for our kittens and so I asked if I could go with her. Mummy said that if I was good whilst we did the chore part of our trip that I would be allowed to go and see the animals that live at the Pet Shop until someone buys them!

I saw a Rabbit, but in this picture all you can see is a Rabbits butt.

Kyle Emmett looking at Rabbits

I saw a pet running on an exercise wheel, I think he was trying to lose some weight.

Kyle Emmett looking at an animal on an exercise wheel

I saw a Guniea Pig.

Kyle Emmett looking at Guinea Pigs

I saw some Hamsters.

Kyle Emmett looking at Hamsters

And one of the Hamsters wanted to meet me!

Hamster sniffing to Kyle Emmett

I don't speak Hamster, but I think that he is bowing to me and telling me that he is now my slave. I told him not to worry about that because I don't need a slave.

Hamster bowing to Kyle Emmett

 We went and saw some fish. I liked the ones in this brightly coloured tank best.

Kyle Emmett looking at swimming Fish

I spent ages watching the fish just swim past me.

Kyle Emmett looking at swimming Fish

The bit of the shop I liked the best was where they sold things to go in Fish Tanks. I found a Treasure Map.

Kyle Emmett looking at a Treasure Map

I found a Sponge Bob Square Pants Pineapple house.

Kyle Emmett Sponge Bob Square Pants Pineapple House

And I found this sign about swimming away from Sharks. I've asked Mum to teach me to Swim so I can swim faster!

Kyle Emmett Swim Faster Sign

The next time Mum goes to the Pet Shop I'm going to go too! I wonder if I can get her to buy me a pet Fish?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Stop and Smell The Flowers

I went for a walk in a field when it was sunny. It was so nice and peaceful that  I lay down to look at the sky and have a nap.

Kyle Emmett laying down in a field of Daisies

When I woke up I decided to take a flower home for Lucy, because I knew that she would like them as much as I had. It was a long hard walk but I would do anything for Lucy.

Kyle Emmett holding a Daisy

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Meeting My Friends (Part 2!)

I think that when my Mum goes shopping she arranges that we will bump into other Friends of ours. This week when we went shopping we bumped into Eric!

Kyle Emmett and Eric

I wonder who we will bump into next.

Friday, 20 June 2014

A Walk In The Countryside

Today after my Uncle went to Beavers, we went for a little walk in the countryside. My Mum and Uncle wanted to climb over a fence to get to the fields quicker, and so I climbed over with them too!

Climbing over a fence

The countryside was really lovely, there were nice plants and trees and I got to see a different side to my Mum and Uncle as they were really adventurous. I hope I can be like them when I grow up.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Trip To Argos

Catalogues are really big! We had to go to a shop called Argos, and even though there were some things out in the shop, everything that we wanted was in the warehouse. 

I wore my hard hat so that I wouldn't get hurt with all the people rushing about.

Kyle Emmett on an Argos Catalogue pile

I like shopping like this, no walking!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Welcome Home Mum!

Today Mum went on a School trip to the Natural History Museum in London. London is a really big place, and I'm such a little guy that we weren't sure if it would be safe for me to go so Mum asked her Mum to look after me.

We had such a great time. We did the dishes and I got to sit on the little duck again. We mowed the lawn and I watched from the herb garden as it was dangerous for a little guy like me. We had lunch, and sat in the garden and played and played and played.

When it was finally time to pick up Mum from the Train Station, she found me like this.

Welcome Home Mum!

Has anyone ever made a welcome home banner for you?

Meeting my Friends

I'm really lucky that I have lots of friends. Last week when I went shopping with Mum I bumped into one of my friends and one of Mums friends too!

I hope to add lots more pictures of my friends that I see when I am out and about.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I've Had An Idea!

My idea is that every time I have an idea I stand in front of this picture of a light bulb!

Kyle Emmett in front of a light bulb picture

What do you think? Is it a good idea or a bad idea?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Big Cat Danger

I went to visit my Great Nan and as I was climbing the stairs up to her house...

Kyle Emmett climbing the stairs

I found a BIG CAT!

Kyle Emmett and Dotty the Kitten

I fainted at the size of the Cat and was rescued by my Mum before the cat ate me!

Kyle Emmett and Dotty the Kitten

Mum said that the big cat was really only a kitten and really small, I don't believe her! Our kittens at home aren't as big!

Top Ender and Dotty the Kitten

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day I sent my Dad a picture of me that I made out of LEGO Bricks.

Kyle Emmett Lego Picture

Okay, I didn't really I just made my picture look like it was made out of LEGO bricks! My Dad said it was brilliant and that he would put it on his desk in a nice frame. I love my Dad.

A Boat Trip

At Church today, I got to go on a Boat. It was during Sharing time and we were learning about how anchoring our boats to good things will help keep us on course. Mum chose a boat which was one of her favourite colours (Pink) and I got to sit in it. All the other children had a boat too, but my boat was the best.

Top Ender and Kyle Emmett

I was the only person small enough to have a go, and everyone else laughed because I didn't sink and they were all proud of me because even when the water was stormy I wasn't seasick!

Kyle Emmett on a boat

I like going to Church, but even more I like being with my Mum and I hope I can be with her forever.

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Early this morning my Mum and I went for a walk and we ended up near the local Cricket grounds. We sat on a bench and watched the Cricketers as they warmed up. It was really interesting, especially as they were all wearing white!

 Watching the Cricket

I don't think I'd be any good at Cricket but I liked the noise when the ball hit the bats.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Learning To Read

Mum says there are a lot of skills that I need to master and that reading is one of the most important. In our house my Mum and her Mum and my Uncle all spend a lot of time reading as they enjoy it and it helps them improve their vocabulary.

Mum has been helping me to learn, by reading picture books with me and getting me to recognise letters and signs of shops that we go to. She even put the subtitles up on one of my favourite TV shows, so that I would be able to see that the words people say link up to the words written down.

This week I got to read a book that Mum made for me whilst she was reading a magazine. I loved that we could read together.

Kyle and Top Ender reading a book

Thursday, 12 June 2014

LEGO World Cup

Apparently LEGO is really big and so is something called the World Cup. England want to win the World Cup, but they haven't won it since 1966. Now a LEGO Professional (there are only 13 in the world apparently) called Duncan Titmarsh has made a LEGO Mosaix that has been made out of 49,200 LEGO bricks!

I still have no idea what the World Cup is.

I Went To The Park!

My Mum said that she had done something really bad. In all my life I haven't been to the Park and so today she was going to take me.

We spent HOURS at the park, making up for the time we hadn't spent there since I had been born!

We went on the Seasaw.

Top Ender on the Seesaw

I went on the swings and Mum pushed me.

Being pushed on the Swing

I went down the slide with Mum.

On the slide

And then my Uncle and I went on a bouncy ride.

On a bouncy ride

I told my Uncle I was feeling a bit sick, which is why he looks so worried in this picture!

I really love the park and I hope I can go again soon.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


My friend Larry is missing. My Mum helped me make this poster. If you see him please let him know to come home soon.

Missing Larry Poster

Car Shopping

As I have my Driving Licence now, I'm after Mum buying me a new car. I'd like something really cool and I've narrowed it down to these two options.

Kyle Emmett and a LEGO Creator Car

Kyle Emmett and a LEGO City Car

What do you think? Which one should I get my Mum to buy for me? If I said that I'll give her all my money from my chores do you think she would buy me both?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I've Learnt To Drive!

Mum can't drive yet, when you are a human you can't drive until you are 17, but being a Lego Man I can drive from the moment I am born. Mum said that I had to pass my driving test before she would let me drive on my own though, and I've been practising all week in a car that she made me.

Kyle Emmett taking his driving test

I was really nervous when it came to taking my exam, especially as it was my Mum that was the examiner!

I did all the manoeuvres that my Mum asked me to do, and I showed that I had been practising hard so my Mum decided that I had passed the test and could officially say that I've learnt to drive.

I'm so excited, that I think I might drive to a few places this week, if Mum will let me that is.

Some More About Me

My Mum asked me to answer some questions for her homework and I thought I would share my answers here as they are questions all about me and what I think and how I feel and so is this blog.

Do I have any Brothers or Sisters?

Yes, I have four sisters. They are younger than me and I love them very much.

Where was I before I joined Top Ender?

I was in Salt Lake City, which is in Utah in the USA. That is where my Mum and Dad made me.

What do I like to eat?

I like to eat Pizza. Any Pizza, as long as there isn't any peppers!

What do I like to do?

I like to go to the park, climb trees and sometimes just sit and think.

Who are my Parents?

My Mum died just after my youngest sister was born. Top Ender is my Mum now and she told my Dad that she could look after us all so that he could go to work. My Dad is a lawyer and so he has to do a lot of long hours.

What do I think of Top Ender?

I love her and I know that she loves me and my sisters. I think she is a really nice person, especially because she adopted me and my sisters and I hope that when I grow up I'm just like her.

What are my hobbies?

I have a lot of hobbies! I like to go Skateboarding with my girlfriend Lucy, I love to read now that Mum has taught me, I like to play my Piano and listening to Music and I like to go out for long drives. I sometimes take my little sister out in the car at night to help her fall asleep!

What Music do I listen to?

I like a lot of music. I'm fond of Classical Music and I love the Moonlight Sonata.

What skills do I think I should learn?

I think I should learn how to grow plants, and after seeing my Mum do some weeding I know she'd love a hand with that. I'd love to be able to grow some beautiful flowers for my sisters too. My Dad had a green thumb so I hope I can take after him.

I'd love to learn how to paint. It seems like an interesting hobby and I think I could be good at it.

I really do need to learn how to make breakfast too as I want to make breakfast in bed for my Mum.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

I want to be a Dad. Some people might think that I should have said a Lawyer or a Doctor, or a Builder but I think that the best thing I could do is to love my children and to listen to what they have to say. I've got a brilliant Dad who has shown me that sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our family but I know that he loves me.

Old Photos

I was looking through my Mums instagram feed today and found some really cool old photos of a Cafe she used to go to.

One of the customers looks like my Lucy. I wonder if it is a relative of hers.