Monday, 2 June 2014


Mum is a Brownie. This means every Monday night she goes to a group where she meets up with other girls her age and they have fun together. During the week when Mum isn't at Brownies, she has to remember promises that she has made. It's a bit like Church, but there are less hymns and more girls!

This is a picture of me and Mum and Brown Owl (right) and Chaffinch (left).

Do you know why Brown Owl is called Brown Owl? It's because she is the leader of the pack of Brownies. There is a story that long ago two children were messy and a bit naughty and their Mum suggested that they speak to the Owl in the Forest to help them get a Brownie (who are good and tidy).

Brown Owl in the Forest was wise and helped the children understand that they were Brownies and should help tidy up and behave at home and so the leader of the Brownie Pack is called a Brown Owl as she is wise and the leader!

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