About Me

On the internet I am known as Top Ender, or Tops but that isn't my real name. My nickname comes from a time when I was three years old and I was excited about going to the Top End of the Nursery I went to, which was where children older than me were. I insisted that my Mum and Dad call me Princess Top Ender and somehow the Princess got dropped and I was just called Top Ender as a nickname.

I am now Eleven years old and when I'm not at School or on a blogging excursion or at Guides you can normally find me curled up with a good book, practising my Violin or doodling designs for clothes that I would like to make as I would like to be a Fashion Designer when I am older.

I live with my Mum and Dad and my younger brother. We are a happy family and we always have fun, even when we're cleaning up the house. The rest of my family lives quite close, apart from one of my Grandad's and both of my Great Nan's who both live at the Seaside. My Dad has to work away during the week and so I like to spend a lot of time with him at the weekend. My Mum is a blogger, which means she writes a blog similar to this one for her career! My brother is a YouTuber, which means he puts videos on YouTube of things that he likes to do. It might be computer games, videos of his toys or sometimes him answering questions other people have asked him.

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and if you want to know anything about my religion ask me, if I don't know the answer I'll ask my Mum, or a Missionary. I love reading my Scriptures and going to Church and one day I hope that I'll get a calling in Primary.

We have three cats (Moses, Tabbitha and Willow) and two kittens (Mario and Peach) as a family and the kittens like to try and play with the Lego that we have set up on our Lego tables (which Mum made for us).

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