Monday, 23 June 2014

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

I went to a Pet Shop with Mummy! Mummy had to go and do some chores, like buying cat food and cat litter for our kittens and so I asked if I could go with her. Mummy said that if I was good whilst we did the chore part of our trip that I would be allowed to go and see the animals that live at the Pet Shop until someone buys them!

I saw a Rabbit, but in this picture all you can see is a Rabbits butt.

Kyle Emmett looking at Rabbits

I saw a pet running on an exercise wheel, I think he was trying to lose some weight.

Kyle Emmett looking at an animal on an exercise wheel

I saw a Guniea Pig.

Kyle Emmett looking at Guinea Pigs

I saw some Hamsters.

Kyle Emmett looking at Hamsters

And one of the Hamsters wanted to meet me!

Hamster sniffing to Kyle Emmett

I don't speak Hamster, but I think that he is bowing to me and telling me that he is now my slave. I told him not to worry about that because I don't need a slave.

Hamster bowing to Kyle Emmett

 We went and saw some fish. I liked the ones in this brightly coloured tank best.

Kyle Emmett looking at swimming Fish

I spent ages watching the fish just swim past me.

Kyle Emmett looking at swimming Fish

The bit of the shop I liked the best was where they sold things to go in Fish Tanks. I found a Treasure Map.

Kyle Emmett looking at a Treasure Map

I found a Sponge Bob Square Pants Pineapple house.

Kyle Emmett Sponge Bob Square Pants Pineapple House

And I found this sign about swimming away from Sharks. I've asked Mum to teach me to Swim so I can swim faster!

Kyle Emmett Swim Faster Sign

The next time Mum goes to the Pet Shop I'm going to go too! I wonder if I can get her to buy me a pet Fish?

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