Thursday, 12 June 2014

I Went To The Park!

My Mum said that she had done something really bad. In all my life I haven't been to the Park and so today she was going to take me.

We spent HOURS at the park, making up for the time we hadn't spent there since I had been born!

We went on the Seasaw.

Top Ender on the Seesaw

I went on the swings and Mum pushed me.

Being pushed on the Swing

I went down the slide with Mum.

On the slide

And then my Uncle and I went on a bouncy ride.

On a bouncy ride

I told my Uncle I was feeling a bit sick, which is why he looks so worried in this picture!

I really love the park and I hope I can go again soon.


  1. I need to know how you made the moving picture at the top! The boys send their love too J

  2. Kyle - you don't know me - but I met your mummy's mummy a while ago when I was doing my old job. Now I teach children like your mummy and I wanted to let you (and her) know that I'm wowed and astounded by this beautiful blog - the exciting adventures you have and the beautiful writing your mum has helped you create about them. Keep us posted about what you get up to next! Rx



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